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Zero Point Technology

What is the nature of life?  This is a long-pondered question and the debate rages on between promoters of a particulate or an energy-filled universe.  What do you think?  Does it matter?

In reality it does matter.  Because if we understand that we live in an energetic universe, we can avail ourselves of  foods and technology used to create an optimal environment so that destructive things you may encounter in your every day physical reality can be rendered harmless to your energetic electrical body.

What in the world did we just say?  Translate that please.  Okay:

Our environment is such that we perceive everything as being physical. Though in actuality, everything is affected by the non-physical, because, in fact, that is all there is. We, therefore, have to decide how to enhance the quality of our lives in this third dimensional world using all the tools that are available.

This must begin with an accurate understanding of this energetic place we call reality (or life). When you come to that understanding you then use various types of non-physical tools that can create healthier and safer environments and foods.

Man-Made Energy Fields

We are constantly stressed by conditions that are man made. For example, ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) is a carrier frequency used for military communications, which transmit information on long sine waves.

Sine waves can penetrate right through your physical body. And, because your physical body isn't really physical, it is assaulted severely by these conflicting energy fields. The stress the sine wave causes weakens the immune function.

Then, there’s EMF (Electro Magnetic Fields) that are generated by anything electrical that is plugged into the wall. It is also found in high-tension wires near and over your house, frequencies coming off of satellites, radio emissions or television stations.

These frequencies can destroy and stress your energetic body as well. Then, there are microwave and cell towers on top of almost every hill in almost every community. These towers are broadcasting data via microwaves, which also travel into your body, creating significant discord. These waves create chaos in your energy field, which translates to all manner of discomfort, discontent and disease. Just because you look into the mirror and do not see the effects immediately, an effect is occurring.

When the body becomes overwhelmed, and your system begins to fail, your immune function ceases to perform. It is now compromised, leaving you wide open to adverse effects such as bacterial fungus, viral infection or even worse, degenerative conditions like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and so on.

This negativity comes from a lot of different sources, but not just the invisible ones like electro- magnetic fields. Some things that impair you in an adverse way are very visible, things such as a fast food, French fries and a Coke. When you ingest greasy, lifeless fast- foods, your system is thrown into the same kind of energetic disarray.

Learn how to keep these health-destroying energy fields under control and access some valuable tools to create an optimal environment and to revise destructive things you may encounter in the physical reality by rendering them harmless to your energetic body.

Zero Point Energy Fields

Various names are used to identify the Guardian technology: Zero Point Energy, Standing Columnar Wave, Standing Wave Energy, Orgone Energy, and Quantum Scalar Waves. They all refer to the same thing.

Tachyon technology is another popular product. Tachyon is a word that is used to describe a subatomic particle that goes faster than the speed of light. It is another theoretical concept that deals with energy systems that do not meet the standards of Newtonian concepts. Tachyon is considerer by most Newtonian physicists as a myth. But tachyon has been discovered and studied. Science knows that it exists but again, has yet to measure it and therefore “prove” it. Tachyon is an adjective to describe a theoretic condition that has been witnessed and analyzed. Yet, science has once again, refused to expand the box and make it a practical tool for everyday use.

All-Natural Protection from EMF

When you have the EMF Jewelry around your neck you have the availability of that energy field around you like a cocoon. A cocoon is a perfect description because you can imagine it in your mind’s eye. This cocoon of energy is literally guarding you from all the unseen inbound chaotic frequencies. Picture walking around in a wonderfully guarded environment and that’s what you have with Zero Point Energy technology.

By wearing the EMF pendants around your neck you create a safe cocoon, which neutralizes all inbound, possibly hazardous information. If you are wearing the EMF Pendant, it protects you, no matter what is directed towards you, be it EMF, ELF, high frequency or fluorescent lighting, computer monitor radiation, a television, microwaves etc. You will not be negatively impacted by that information because zero point technology has transformed it before it gets to you. It has combed it out, if you will, and created order out of chaos.

This is easily demonstrated with kinesiology, a simple muscle test. It’s impressive to experience the results of a test like this. Put yourself in front of a microwave oven or a computer screen and hold your arm straight out to your side. Have someone apply pressure above your wrist while you try to resist. When your energy field is being compromised, your brain is unable to effectively communicate to the muscles. You will be unable to resist the pressure being applied to your arm and it will weaken. Then put on the EMF pendant and perform the same test. You will experience a very noticeable difference in your strength.


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